We promote a family-oriented setting where all clients are encouraged towards recovery and guided by others who have been in their shoes. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery in Los Angeles, New York, or Houston, get in touch with one of our confidential Admission Specialists. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery, get in touch with one of our confidential intake specialists for more information.

We Help Men Find Their Way Back to Healthy Living

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We offer multiple room options to our residents to best meet all preferences and needs. Equip men with the necessary tools and resources to successfully transition back into society as sober and https://parliamentobserver.com/2024/05/27/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ responsible individuals. Our Admission Specialists have walked in your shoes and are here to help. Please use our extensive knowledge of the treatment industry to find the right program for you.

SoberDome Sober Living

With the companionship and comradery of fellow addicts breaking the cycle of addiction is possible. Our structured sober living environment incorporates meetings and group therapy sessions with the objective Sober House of helping men realize their strengths, ambitions and goals. We take a holistic and mindful approach to recovery, focusing on healing the mind, body and soul through exercise, meditation, yoga and more.

  • I knew what was about to happen, and I was like, Let me go someplace where you’re not allowed to have the whole bottle of wine.
  • Still, living with other residents in recovery can provide an important emotional support network for those working to change their behaviors toward drugs and alcohol.
  • However, many men and women benefit from living in gender-specific housing, attending gender-specific rehabilitation, and seeking gender-specific support groups.
  • If you want to be private, then stay in the house.

Based on a social model, treatment encompasses:

mens sober houses near me

Our customized program provides daily accountability and structure which serve as gentle guide rails to keep you centered. Each guest can expect a clean bed, sufficient clothing storage, HDTV w/ cable and free wifi in every room inside a clean, well maintained home cared for by the guests who stay there! Our homes are smoke free but there are plenty of designated outdoor smoking areas. Creating an effective plan is a crucial component to ensure our residents are taking the right steps.

mens sober houses near me


  • When you see your husband’s mistress with a burgeoning belly and you’re a blabbermouth on TV with a successful show, you know what’s about to happen.
  • NYC is known for its many hotspots and other cultural attractions accessible to clients living in our sober home.
  • We have in-house programming that you  might expect at a rehab, yet a price that is amazingly low.
  • But for those willing to put in the effort, we offer a path toward a better future for life after rehab.
  • Community is the antidote to the lonely isolation of active substance abuse addiction and mental health issues.
  • We provide a structured, supportive environment where residents can focus on their recovery and develop the necessary skills to maintain sobriety.
  • Our goal is for our residents to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Our Services

  • If you’re a celebrity, and you invite me over for dinner, I’m not talking about that.
  • Men are also more likely than women to become aggressive or competitive during treatment.
  • I was concerned based on what was going on around me.
  • Acceptance House Sober Living offers safe, structured sober housing for men in recovery from addiction and substance use disorder.